Is sugar the only way?

I do get it. I really do. It’s that one time in a year, the special day when wishes are granted, dreams come true. I am talking about birthdays, in particular, children’s birthday parties to which, along with my children, I get invited rather frequently. Maybe something like 10 to 15 times a year. I […]

Why women’s magazines need to change

Occasionally, I treat myself to a women’s magazine. Just to kind of prove to myself that I am not missing on good gossip or the latest trends. Is that the kiasu principle? Last week, I bought what looked like a health magazine. At home, I noticed I had paid $13.90 for it –which I thought […]

Kids in the kitchen

I confess I don’t cook that often myself, but when I do, I try to get my children to help in whatever ways they can. I think this is very important. Yesterday my two-year old was tearing the lettuce and mixing the salad. Most of it even remained in the bowl. My older one likes […]

Easy, healthy food for the family

I am not a cooking enthusiast, nor would I call myself a foodie, but I want my family to eat healthy, nutritious food – at least most of the time. And it needs to taste well. I believe ‘normal’ home cooking with healthy, whole ingredients goes a long way. My favourite, easy and healthy ingredient […]